Case Study

Women’s Care Florida

Client: Women’s Care Florida (WCF)

WCF is a rapidly growing women’s health specialty group. As part of their growth strategy, WCF aimed to consolidate many of their wide-spread practices under one roof in order to promote brand identity and bolster ancillary services revenues.


HHRE advised on WCF’s existing leased and owned real estate portfolio while simultaneously identifying new sites for WCF’s consolidated operations. A 60,000 SF clinic in Brandon, FL and a 15,000 SF clinic in Plant City, FL will break ground this year and deliver in 2019 with additional MOBs planned in the near term.


With HHRE as their development and capital partner, WCF is able to efficiently and effectively implement their corporate strategy while simultaneously allowing their physicians to place capital in a reliable investment with attractive risk-adjusted returns. By utilizing HHRE’s expertise for multiple projects, WCF was able to capitalize on economies of scale in development costs as well as cut down on administrative and human capital requirements for future projects.


Project Details

  • Brandon, FL
  • 15,000-60,000 Square Feet
  • Multiple Locations
  • Scheduled for 2019 Completion (First Two Projects)
  • Programmatic Development Platform for Single-User
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