• Ability to choose the best way to capitalize your real estate:  lease only, wholly owned, or joint venture
  • Option to have HHRE source all capital, provide equity, and secure recourse financing
  • Alignment of interest amongst physicians, health systems, and investors through joint venture structures
  • Opportunity to have HHRE manage all capital raising and documentation: op. agreements, loan docs, filings, etc.

We recognize that the demand for capital from our Clients is constant and often times substantial, with real estate being one of the most capital intensive components of their business.  As such, we endeavor to offer a variety of ownership structures:  lease only, wholly owned, or joint venture.

In the case of joint ventures, HHRE has a great deal of experience with all types of investors:  physicians, hospitals, PE sponsors, etc.  We are not REIT or fund, so we are not beholden to quarterly reports or fund life cycles.  This gives us the ability to offer flexible terms that are tailored specifically to each project and the goals of our Clients/partners.  HHRE has the ability to manage all capital raising and documentation, such as operating agreements, securities offerings, loan documents, guaranty’s, and government filings.