Portfolio Strategy
  • Assessment of existing property portfolio both owned and leased
  • Review of Client’s strategic plan for each market
  • Development of a gap/needs analysis
  • Formulation of an action plan for each location to address areas of inefficiency

We firmly believe that an efficient and functional real estate footprint is a key part of providing care to our communities.  Having convenient access points, enjoyable patient experiences, and access to critical care are paramount.   Healthcare is a service that must continue to evolve with the needs, ages, and populations of our communities.  As such, we rely heavily on data to develop real estate strategies for our Clients.

We start by assessing each market’s unique attributes, such as demographics, provider mix, and competitive landscape.  We then review our Client’s strategic plan and overlay their existing property portfolio to see if there are any gaps that need to be addressed.  Once all the data is aggregated, we can optimize the existing portfolio and plan for future growth with a detailed action plan for each location.